• Where are you based? We have offices in London and Ljubljana (Slovenia).

  • Are you a (clothing) manufacturer? No, we are a design, product development and fashion business consultancy. We however offer production sourcing to all our design and development clients.

  • Do you charge fees for production sourcing? No, we do not as it is not a service we offer stand alone.

  • Which manufacturers in which countries do you work with? We work with a variety of producers, from medium sized factories to small family run workshops, but they are all based in Slovenia.

  • Can you source fabrics for me? Yes we can, please email to hello@hiddenstitch.co for our terms and rates.

  • What are your MOQs? We do not have minimum order quantities for garment development, but we do attach a surcharge for requested development of less than 4 styles.

  • What are your manufacturing MOQs? Our manufacturing partners MOQs vary depending on product type, number of styles, size of production company…. but they are generally lower than elsewhere in Europe and Far East.

  • Are the factories you work with CSR certified? No they are not as the stringent employment and environmental laws in Slovenia make such certification superfluous. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) pertains to the ethical behaviour of a business organisation in relation to social, economic, environmental, and cultural issues by promoting responsible business conduct. All of our manufacturing partners employ full time work force, with statutory rights and benefits including paid one year maternity leave and paternity leave, sick leave, paid annual holiday of minimum 18 days, annual holiday allowance, paid travel and lunch expenses, paid overtime. On the issue of environmental responsibility, Slovenia’s environmental legislation is one of the most comprehensive and rigorously enforced in Europe. In 2016 the country capital Ljubljana was anointed the Green Capital of Europe, and National Geographic magazine voted Slovenia, the most sustainable country in the World in 2017.