One of the greatest challenges when starting a fashion business is securing production for your clothing line and manage the process effectively.  With so many things to juggle when running an independent creative business, even the more seasoned designers need a helping hand from time to time. We are able to guide, advise and assist our clients in all areas of design, product development, sourcing and production management no mater what stage you are at and level of expertise. 

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product development & manufacturing

Recently we have seen a rise in enquiries by fashion start-ups with no prior fashion industry experience. In such cases we require all potential clients to first complete a 2h business assessment and fashion manufacturing introductory training session via Skype with one of our consultants. For our terms and consulting rates, please email

We offer first pattern generation and garment sampling services via our London design studio, Ljubljana design studio and our Slovenian manufacturing partners, depending on garment type. Our product development fees start at 200€ per garment for simple styles and go up to 2000€ per garment for tailoring. We formulate our Product Development offer on case by case basis, taking into considerations the number of styles, the intricacy of fabrication and additional services requested.

Over the years we built strong relationships with Slovenian manufacturers, from small family-run workshops to mid-sized factories, carefully selected for their quality , attention to detail, ethics and their ability to offer low-volume manufacturing at an accessible price. Our partners are longstanding specialist producers of premium tailoring, menswear, womenswear, knitwear, sportswear,  outerwear, evening wear, bridal, luxury lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, beachwear, accessories, digital printing, silk-screen printing, machine embroidery.

Slovenia is one of Europe's best kept secrets not only for its natural beauty, amazing food, and award-winning wine! Slovenia is one of the few remaining EU countries with a longstanding and uninterrupted tradition of textile and clothing manufacturing going back to the 18th century. It also helps that Slovenia is so very small you could easily do a factory visit or two in the morning, then hop for a dip in the Adriatic sea or a short hike up the Julian Alps in the afternoon!

For more information check the Manufacturing Process and Production T&Cs page.

We only offer manufacturer sourcing as part of the Product Development package.


We are official UK and East European agents of Friulprint s.r.l., Digital Printers of exceptional quality at competitive prices, with a wide range of base fabric. If you are after a more artisanal feel, we also work with a small family-run Silk Screen Printing factory offering the most competitive pricing in Europe for low-volume printing!

This service is available exclusively to our Product Development and Manufacturing Clients.