How we work


Production Management

We start start the process with a free assessment of your current product range or your product ideas. It's important for us to fully understand your company’s goals and direction at this stage.  With your success in mind, we will identify any areas we consider in need of attention and suggest possible solutions. At this stage we will also discuss our fees based on services required. 

We will pair you with the factories best suited to handle your products and forward a brief presentation of the suppliers with contact details. Although we will be handling all communication, you will have visibility of any important information like prices and terms copied in our emails. We can also arrange factory visits during one our regular trips.

Next we check prototypes (garment samples), fabrics and tech packs to ensure your product is ready for the pre-production process. Sometimes we can work from detailed sketches or benchmark garments, but ideally we prefer a physical sample which is fabrication and fit approved. It is important we receive supporting technical documentation that is detailed and correct. 

Based on supplied information, a production action plan is formulated and a factory is selected in keeping with your company’s goals and production requirements.

The prototypes and tech packs are then sent to the factory for counter-sampling in the correct fabric. The factory is at this stage able to cost the garment and supply a price based on your quantity requirement. Acting as your intermediary we ensure you get the best available price, without compromising on quality and ethics.

Once the sample is approved we are ready to book your production slot. We’ll oversee that that production is handled properly by monitoring and communicating with factories for quality and on-schedule deliveries. 

Last stage of production is quality control which our factories perform as standard but you are welcome to visit the production unit and oversee the final stages personally or we can perform this task for you. 

Your order will be packed in the factory's standard packaging if no packaging is supplied. Shipping is typically booked with clients currier account or it can be arranged by the factory and the cost will be added to the invoice.

Payment Terms

Factory payment terms vary. Some of our factories require a deposit or payment in full prior to starting production others offer up to 30 days deferred payment depending on order value and how established the relationship is. We work with complete transparency therefor you will be invoiced by the factory and other service providers (grading, fabric printing, swing tags...) directly. You will receive the factories true prices only when the overall cost of production excluding shipping is calculated and order delivered, we will issue you an invoice for our services, with 10 day payment terms. Our fees vary between 5% and 10% depending on the final order value and any additional services provided.

 Lead Times

First Sample:  up to 4 weeks from receipt of tech packs during off-peak manufacturing times.
Production: Allow 3-5 weeks, from receipt of production order and materials.


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