Fashion Business Consulting focused on intelligent sourcing and production with inbuilt sustainability.


Fashion Production masterclass

6-10 July 2017

in partnership with Poligon Creative Centre Ljublana, Slovenia

One of the greatest challenges when starting a fashion business is securing production for your clothing line and manage the process effectively.

A 5 day lecture based intensive course, covering all aspects of garment production from intelligent sourcing, range planing and product development, to finding low-volume manufacturers and how to communicate effectively and professionally with them.  Alternatively, book a one-to-one Skype consultation for brainstorming, quick fixes, direction and expert advice.


low volume + high quality + affordable

tap into 3 centuries of uninterrupted tradition of Fashion Manufacturing Excellence

Connecting Independent Fashion Entrepreneurs with sustainable micro-manufacturing in the heart of Europe.

Based in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and London (UK), we offer personalised production sourcing and professional technical support for fashion startups and independent designers, who are looking for quality, reliable product development and manufacturing to meet their specific needs.  Slovenia is not just a great place to visit for it's natural beauty, amazing food and wine, it's also Europe's best kept secret when it comes to high-end fashion production, with longstanding and uninterrupted tradition of textile and clothing manufacturing spanning three centuries.  Its diminutive size is also a great feature, as it is easy do a factory visit or two in the morning, then hop for a dip in the Adriatic or a short hike up the Julian Alps in the afternoon!